In the Gardens and Woods

Do you enjoy gardening and/or being outdoors? Help The Green Center restore and maintain our oudoor classroom habitats, including native Missouri prairie, wetland, and woods. A variety of outdoor programs are available:

Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Removal of Invasive Plant Species

Assist in the removal of invasive species from The Green Center’s prairie, wetland, and woodland eco-systems. Invasive species will gradually suppress the diversity of native plants and indirectly eliminate their pollinators. The removal of invasive species allows native plants to re-emerge and establish themselves, particularly in our woodland areas. This is an extremely important activity that brings the visible and rewarding results.

Plant Propagation, Transplanting

Greenhouse TankLearn to propagate Missouri native plants. Work with experienced Master Gardeners, Green Center staff, and enthusiastic volunteers. Minimal physical labor is required. Winter activities include starting and tending to a seedling nursery in the green house. Assistance watering our green house plants is welcome and appreciated. Mid to late spring activities involve separating seedlings into small pots.

Planting and Caretaking

Plant seedlings and mature plants in Green Center outdoor learning spaces. Monitor plantings to be sure they’re receiving enough water. Most planting takes place during April, May, and early June. Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow gardeners while helping to enhance biodiversity in the middle of an urban area.Silene Chelone Elymus

Demonstration Gardens

Assist in the removal of invasive species, seed collecting, planting and care taking within the Roger Pryor Prairie Garden, Woodland Garden, Ozark Endemic Garden, and Herb Garden. Find out how you can introduce native plants into your own garden and attract butterflies and birds. Enjoy working alongside other learning gardens volunteers. The results are rewarding and the experience always involves observations of butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.

Seed Collecting

Assist experienced prairie gardeners in collecting seeds produced by Missouri native plant species in The Green Center’s outdoor learning spaces. Learn to identify the native plant species, what their seeds look like, and how they are dispersed. Collected seeds are used to propagate additional plants for The Green Center's outdoor spaces. Seed collecting is done periodically between late spring and late fall.

Please contact us for upcoming opportunities and schedules at 314-725-8314 X 102 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Group Leader or Co-Leader

Restoring wildlife habitat is an on-going activity in the prairie, wetland, and woods and requires experienced volunteers. At times, the herb garden may need a good weeding, watering or trimming. Groups do well when lead by experienced and knowledgeable leaders who are comfortable with the activity and understand how to guide and supervise. Education is always a component of these outings. Be a co-leader and learn how to lead outdoor work groups by assisting experienced leaders on several group activities.

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