Urban Bird Corridor

Urban Bird Corridor

The Urban Bird Corridor is located between Brittany Woods Middle School and the Ruth Park Golf Course.

The purpose of The Green Center's Urban Bird Corridor Restoration Project is to restore approximately 1500 linear feet of tree and shrub hedgerow. The corridor links The Green Center's a half-acre prairie, 4000 square foot wetland, and 26-acre Ruth Park Woods.

The restoration project provides a safe habitat for migrating and nesting urban birds as well as a regional educational resource about the functional value of urban wildlife corridors. In the past five years, about 100 bird species have been observed in the nearby Ruth Park Woods. By restoring this corridor, The Green Center provides much needed native habitat for resident wildlife, as well as a flyway for migratory birds.  You can view the bird species observed in the bird study data form

Urban Bird CorridorIn January 2008, a group of volunteers from the Missouri Master Naturalist Program and REI members helped install a primative trail through the Corridor. Now visitors have the ability to walk through, rather than along, the UBC. We utilize this new trail for education and have interpretive information to view.

The Green Center has focused efforts on planting native tress and shrubs in the UBC.  Green Center volunteers have completed important activities such as:

  • Removal of non-native invasive bush and vining honeysuckle, euonymus, and Japanese hops
  • Trash pickup
  • Propagating and planting native plants

Photos: Red-tail Hawk, Urban Bird Corridor