Nature & Art Education

Nature and Art Education

Our mission is to help people see the connection between nature and culture in our society.

Nature and art are the cornerstones of our culture. By participating in our educational forums, we hope students will develop an appreciation of the interconnectedness of life. We provide opportunities for children and adults to explore these connections in hands-on learning environments.


Classes are offered on a variety of nature-related topics throughout the year. For more information, please visit our class schedule.


The Green Center is proud to offer environmentally focused summer camp programs for St. Louis area children. We have over 200 children participate in our summer camps each year. Our camps emphasize enjoying, appreciating and understanding the 30 acres of woods, prairie and wetland that The Green Center offers. Youths also engage in artisitic expression that is inspired by nature.

Scout Badges

Scouting opportunities are available through our Scout Badge program. From guided nature walks to service learning projects, The Green Center supports outdoor scouting activities!

Art Exhibits

Nature-related art exhibits are on display at The Green Center. Support local artists who capture the wonder of nature in their photographs, paintings and sculpture. Proceeds from art sales benefit The Green Center's nature and art education programs for children.