Wetland Guide

Aquatic Plants Insects
Narrow Leaved Aster Pondhawk and other dragonfly species
Swamp Aster Giant Waterbug
Soft Rush Water Boatman
Dark Green Rush Backswimmer
Fringed Sedge Water Strider
Fox Sedge
Ohio Spiderwort
Slough Grass (dwarf genotype)
Blue Flag Iris
False Dragon Head
Sweet Flag
Long Spike Tridens
Water Plantain
Animals Birds
American Toad Mallard
Blanchard's Cricket Frog Solitary Sandpiper
Gray Tree Frog Eastern Phoebe
Northern Spring Peeper Eastern Kingbird
Leopard Frog Purple Martin
Snake species Tree Swallow
Bat species Barn Swallow
Red-winged Blackbird


Wildlife Scavenger Hunt

Search for pictures of and more information on at least 2 items from 2 different categories above. Print the pictures. Visit the Green Center Wetland and try to locate the items you selected.


Wetlands are dynamic ecosystems. The plants you see will change throughout the year. The animals and birds you see will change throughout the day and throughout the year. When searching, pay special attention to the growing cycle of aquatic plants, the times animals are active, and the migratory habits of birds.

If you locate any of the items on your list, then please do not disturb them or remove them from the Wetland. Observe them in their natural habitat and leave them for others to enjoy!