The wetland is located just north of the prairie, bordering the Ruth Park Municipal Golf Course. This natural low spot between the Ruth Park Golf Course and Brittany Woods Middle School was once a highly degraded wetland, overgrown and full of trash.

The Green Center is now restoring this wetland environment. Although originally intended as an intermittent wetland, the Green Center's wetland has continued to hold water since it was first dredged, despite some very dry summers. The restored wetland will cleanse the water runoff before it enters the River des Peres as it passes through Ruth Park Woods.

Volunteers completed the first wetland planting day on April 21, 2001, as part of the Green Center's Earth Day celebration. The GreenWeavers have carried out subsequent plantings. GreenWeavers is a program intended to provide three levels of ecological learning for area fifth-graders. Volunteers completed the installation of a boardwalk across the wetland and finished the re-vegetation of the wetland and wet prairie species. Already the wetland is a haven for wildlife more commonly found in non-urban settings, including migratory and predatory birds, small mammals, aquatic insects, and amphibians.

If you are interested in helping to maintain the wetland, then please see our Wildlife Habitat Restoration program.

* The wetland is open to the public and located at 8125 Groby Road in University City.

Photo: Great Egret